Centric Learning

Professional Level
Professional Development
Centric Learning is a next generation professional development system that allows individual dental teams to control their own learning experience. We are the only professional development platform created to focus on the needs of the individual.

Learning at the point of application

Transparent, Flexible, Measurable

Centric minimizes retention loss by creating a personalized learning environment at the point of use. The shorter, more specific learning units results in continuing education delivered to the entire dental team at the moment they need it.

The Centric Process

A custom fit just works better


Understand the person

At its core, Centric Learning focuses on the individual and their unique professional development goals


Confirm existing skill levels

Establishing a baseline is critical as each learner has different capabilities and professional skills


Construct a learning plan

Using a micro-learning approach Centric Learning helps users build specifically targeted learning plans


Monitor, advise, revise

Small learning units make it effortless to shift focus and keep content relevant

Simple & Powerful

By focusing only on what's needed, we've created an experience that doesn't get in the way of learning

    • Self-Paced Learning

      • On-Demand Learning Materials
      • Interactive Instructor Feedback
      • Automated Skills & Certification Tracking
      • Personalized Learning Plans
      • Gamified Certifications & Incentives
    • Knowledge Management

      • Curriculum Mapping Tools
      • Certification Builder
      • Institutional Knowledge Manager
      • Skills Assessments
      • Intuitive Curriculum Search
    • Reporting & Analytics

      • Certification Manager
      • Live Group & Individual Reporting
      • Learning Trend Analyzer
      • Incentive Manager
      • Context-Based Discussion Archives

Better Training, Faster Results

Well-Structured training speeds Adoption at all stages

    • Professional Relationships

      • Create consistency across speakers
      • Manage scattered teams by specialties
      • Work one-on-one with opinion leaders
      • Track activity and engagement
    • Sales Training

      • Design flexible training and certification
      • Equip sales teams to share product knowledge
      • Manage CE credits and certification
      • Analyze productivity
    • Dental Team Development

      • Design personalized development plans
      • Extend learning to the entire Dental Team
      • Provide instruction at the point of use
      • Evaluate curriculum based on participant feedback


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